Daily Archives: July 16, 2015

I bought a pot (and a friendship)

It was a good pot, a companion.

I used it often to make all sorts of things.

Then I turned this pot to the lowest of the low and made it a fry pot always full, always dirty.

One day this pot’s time was up.

I let it sit emptied, still dirty.

One day it was cleaned, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, and one day it was clean again.




If you can read this, DAY.

Existence is painful,

When you see others loose it.

(in dedication of a passed friend, who ended their own existence)


Love during fig season.

The birds and the squirrels can be found at the tree of the fig. We come too, for all gather at the tree of the fig when it is time.

To eat a fig is to connect man to nature.

Nature changes, and so does man.

This is why we must all eat the fig fruit, to taste the subtle differences from the year before (and see our own)

We go with our story, as the fig does its fruit.

All will endure,

Yet she cannot move, so please spread her seed.