18 course dinner


The wedding couple requested a meal that would tell a story, though a series of dishes about the parts of the world they had traveled, and the journey they had shared. We were given the opportunity to capitavte 50 guets though two evenings of food. We took dishes from the coutries they had traveled, 18 in all, and spread them over two nights.  Delights like Thai fried chicken with som tam (GF), Spanish Arroz Negro with local squid ink and fresh Gulf shrimp. Vietnaese fried flat noodles in local pig’s fat with local fried oxtail. Lamb chops from Austrilia with local rosemarry and red wine pan sauce.   This is just a glace, and thats all we can give, because the rest is for those of us who were there to share that unique experience.


Thank you to the Bride and Groom for us the liberty to create, I hope we have inspired you too!


Let us know if you would like Food Music Life to take a night to cook for you, or maybe two.




wedding catering 6-24



The fruit Hangs from the tree

waiting to entice those moving around

with the colors changing to the right shade of orange

the rest of nature takes notice

the squirrels,the bats, and the birds take their share

as the first few fall from the tree


ripe loquat



then the armadillos and chickens take the first few that fall from the tree

as man fights those around for the choicest fruit

we all celebrate the loquat fruit

bake it, or eat it raw

enjoy the soft sweet flavor

of the sweet orange fruit


The clouds were beautiful today

Full of Steel and Cobalt

With silver all around

Heavy bully fronts that came in throughout the day

It was about 4 of them that came in

2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, it looks like there might be another in the darkness, as I am writing this now

They all brought rain but none of it was very hard

With Sunlight between it was the great contrast that made it so beautiful

With a little bit of sun to remind me of better days had, and to come.



The Blossom

It may be Winter

It may be cold

but nature and man are still very active.

Things happening on the inside,

Preparing for what is to come.

Keep a watchful eye,

At the proper time,

change is made,

The blossom pedals are full,

The flower has opened.

Now all EYES take notice

Food Music Life logo

Food Music Life logo


Growing Nouveau


We are boldly standing in the 21st Century
As a generation poised for a beautiful future
a future not found in a petri dish, but in the quite sound of the wind
that which carries life
The mastery of nature is not processed
Just slightly guided by the hand of man


See the technique of the farmer
and find flavor through the guide of the blade and the chef’s hand



Freshly painted

by the window

Her first experience to the survival of the human race

the dragonfly

colors like people

in beautiful unique

painted creation

watching those standing by water

form union

on the night of the blue moon

The cook watches the world unfold

shall creation behold

as night finds day

the cook rises to feed more men

he returns to his block and his blade

to find his kitchen full of dragonflys

He opened the windows to let them out

humming softly

knowing the two wed blossomed the blessing of the dragonfly

on the night of the blue moon

I bought a pot (and a friendship)

It was a good pot, a companion.

I used it often to make all sorts of things.

Then I turned this pot to the lowest of the low and made it a fry pot always full, always dirty.

One day this pot’s time was up.

I let it sit emptied, still dirty.

One day it was cleaned, scrubbed, scrubbed, scrubbed, and one day it was clean again.




If you can read this, DAY.

Existence is painful,

When you see others loose it.

(in dedication of a passed friend, who ended their own existence)


Love during fig season.

The birds and the squirrels can be found at the tree of the fig. We come too, for all gather at the tree of the fig when it is time.

To eat a fig is to connect man to nature.

Nature changes, and so does man.

This is why we must all eat the fig fruit, to taste the subtle differences from the year before (and see our own)

We go with our story, as the fig does its fruit.

All will endure,

Yet she cannot move, so please spread her seed.

MFAH Monday’s

Parked at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston every Monday, get lunch and some great prepackaged food to take home for dinner starters. Currently available we have; pesto, tomato sauce, and preserved local Figs. questions call 281-814-7990.

Bread Pudding

Bread rises better in the summer

gotta getcha somettin’ sweet

texture on tounge

O’h bread pudding this is where you belong

the reuse of old bread to a cherished dessert is the beauty of life

the baker who tends his dough

wheat carried on the backs of man

I will keep tradition and bake bread again.

“Non si butta via niente”

2015-06-12 11.31.29




On Quality

Not something to be quantified

but something to be felt through senses

logic shows quality,

but senses explore quality

the quality of taste, the quality of life

Going forward and backward quality runs through all

the quality of nourishment in you, that quality of life taken forward


there is the quality of a thing that passed, so calories may pass to you,

the consumer.

You are what you consume

We will always offer quality for consumption


grape tomaotes


History, hear us as we mark our place!

First food truck in The Houston Art Car Parade ever!

deconstructed bruschetta

deconstructed bruschetta

Thank you to Matthew Tabor owner of Letter Set for doing this piece during the parade!

A Poem for March

On the corner of a street with people passing by,

I stand next to a woman who keeps flowers in her hair,

All those feet walking past us,

The feet of the people,

The mouths to be fed,


Feeding those passing by on a sunny day.

A timeless scenario,

In this blink of existence,

Content to serve quality,

To the feet of Humanity.

A Poem for February



yeast, eating sugars to rise

marinating meat forming flavors

cheese waiting


the hours it took to make bread

the weeks it took to raise an animal

the months it took to age cheese

now you stand


staring at this beautiful piece of art

the act of eating

consumption turned to spent energy

with time always watching




is it easier to see “space” when the sky is always grey?

The cold gets in your bones

The earth spinning just the way it does,

So there may be life on it’s circular form

even at the poles

But I must give up

as the tree it’s seed

as the earth spinning

giving rise to change

seeing the tree that never changes, amongst those that do

Knowing the future is also your seed

all of this space that these letters took

and everything that died in-between them

take n and add it’s mirrorimaged horizontal symmetry to ….continuum



To quote Lauryn Hill’s musing on her second unplugged album

“..And trust me, it’s a work in progress, it’s not something that happens overnight. We all have to be introduced to each other. I’m telling you, I know that I’m up here and you see, Lauryn Hill, you came to see Lauryn Hill. But this is the first time y’all meet me. You see what I’m saying? Don’t think you met me before, ok. And as I grow, you’re going to meet me a little bit more. You’re gonna be exposed to the real me a little bit more. I can tell you I had to reintroduce myself to everybody I know. My mother my father. Listen, y’all never knew me. I want to introduce you to me. I’m just getting to know me. And you know what, anything that’s not growin is dead, so we better be changing. You know, people would say to me, they would hold me hostage. And they, seriously, emotionally hostage, and they’d say, Uh, she’s changing. The money’s changing her. And I’d say Listen, the money’s not changing me, God’s changing me. I’m changing, because that’s a natural part of life. We’re all supposed to change. Who wakes up and is the same way tomorrow and the day after that? Nobody is.”

We are going to change, and so will you. It is the only constant in life.