Catering Menu’s

a 2 day notice is preferred for all catering orders, if less notice is given some some items may need to be substituted according to availability




Pulled Pork on Polenta with local Goat cheese

local Yorkshire Hampshire bred pig from Harrison Hog Farm

hand ground polenta (gluten free)

topped with goat cheese (chèvre) from Blue Heron Farm



Roasted Eggplant on quinoa

topped with local arugula

drizzled with balsamic vinegar reduction



Grilled Chicken on risotto

local free range chicken

topped with buerre blanc sauce

garnished with arugula




Meatball Subs

(deconstructed subs that are easily assembled when you are ready to eat)

Hand made meatballs with grass fed waygu beef from Texas Kobe Beef Co.

local produce tomato sauce

with sauteed onions and jalapenos

Parmigiano cheese

6″ baguette

local green salad

Sandwich and salad is $12 per person add $3 per person for any of our fresh juices



(minimum order 15)

hand made pasta

local produce tomato sauce

Italian cheeses

local green salad

Lasagna and salad is $11 per person add $3 per person for any of our fresh juices


Green chili chicken or braised beets on hummus

local chickens or beets cooked in 4 kinds of green chilies then chopped

truck made hummus

local green salad

beets hummus and salad is $10 per person

Chicken hummus and salad is $12 per person


Vegan tabbouleh with spicy roasted beets

lime juice seasonings and this weeks veggies tossed in tabbouleh with sliced spicy beets on top

Roasted beet Tabbouleh with farm salad  $10 per person



Appetizers for special events:

Goat cheese stuffed dates wrapped in prosciutto

Local grass fed beef meatballs with roasted garlic

local tomato bruschetta

shrimp, Gorgonzola, and bell pepper crostini

Spicy black bean stuffed mini bell peppers

pulled pork served in green tomato and banana sauce

lettuce wraps with goat cheese and carrots

chopped green chili chicken in mini bread bowls

pesto topped guryere crostini

Spicy cous cous , with pickled fennel and avocado

kohlrabi, Swiss chard, and French whole grain mustard tossed with quinoa

chicken tinga empanadas

Gulf red fish ceviche